Sunday, November 9, 2008

I will be back

November is here and so is NaNoWriMo. I have almost 4000 words typed toward my goal of 50,000. I won't be able to post quite as often this month as I have been doing but I didn't want anyone to think I have given up on my crusade to get more people reading pop fiction.
When I get back I will fill you in on Lisa Unger's 2 book series starring Ridley Jones, Karen Reichs' newest Tempe Brennan installment "Devil's Bones, and the annoying Karen Marie Moening's "Faefever".
Please stay tuned and I will keep you posted on my word count for National Novel Writing Month. When I get to the end maybe I will have something of my own to share and entertain my fellow pop fiction readers.
Until then keep stopping by and KEEP READING!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Secret Life of Bees, The book is always better

Last Sunday my friend Debbie and I indulged in a Sunday matinee at our local Muvico theatre. With all the craziness going on around us these days with bills, family and the upcoming election we decided we wanted to stay on the sweet side and avoid movies with controversy like ‘Religulus’, violence like ‘SAW V’, or ‘Max Paine’ and ‘Road to Rodanthe’ seemed a little too sappy. We had both read “Secret Live of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd and the story lingered with us like honey that clings to the comb, so with such sweet memories we decided to visit the 60’s in Tiburon, South Carolina again. I have to say the movie was good but as usual didn’t stand up to the book. There were a couple of major flaws, the greatest of which was the casting. The only character that I thought was properly cast was Dakota Fanning as Lily. Queen Latifah, Alicia Keyes, Jennifer Hudson and Sophie Okonedo did great jobs but they were just too young for the parts they were protraying. The other problem with the movie was the Black Madonna, which is almost as important element to the book as the bees took such a secondary role in the movie. Even with those obvious flaws I laughed at Rosaleen and May when they were dancing in the kitchen and cried like a baby thru half the movie. I do love a good cry!

The book is still WAY better.
“The Secret Life of Bees” is a touching, sweet story of a young girl’s journey to find her place in the world amongst strangers because her own family is too broken to give her any answers. The backdrop of the 60’s civil rights movement is a complimentary plot line with Rosaleen, Lily’s housekeeper and friend, on her own journey to her equal rights as a black woman in this country. These 2 intrepid searchers are assisted by the Boatwright sisters, their thriving honey hive and their belief in the Black Madonna. August is the eldest and the bee keeper. She teaches Lily about patience, seasons, and family while showing her how to harvest honey and care for the bees. She also carefully shelters Lily’s secret until she is ready to share. June is the middle sister. She is a teacher and a musician. She carries with her a secret bitterness that keeps her from accepting love. Then there is May who had a twin sister that died early. May suffers from an open wound where her twin sister once was and has built a wailing wall in the back yard to carry all the woes of her world. All three sisters fill up different parts of Lily and help her see she is more than her history.
The imagery and language of Sue Monk Kidd’s book is gorgeous, like:
When I looked up through the web of trees, the night feel over me, and for a moment I lost my boundaries, feeling like the sky was my own skin and the moon was my heart beating up there in the dark. Lightning came, not jagged, but in soft, golden licks across the sky. I undid the buttons on my shirt and opened it wide, just wanting the night to settle on my skin, and that's how I fell asleep, lying there with my mother's things, with the air making moisture on my chest and the sky puckering with light.”
It makes me want to lay down in my own backyard and let the night sink into my skin too.
Bottom line, the movie was nice and I am glad I saw it. It made for a wonderful sojourn with my friend from the stresses of the week. The novel, however, is unforgettable and a must read for the time when you feel trapped by the past and need to feel a part of the hive.
Have a great week and DON"T FORGET TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 4TH!!!!!