Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catching up on my reading and other stuff


glassesclinkingHappy New Year!!  Can you believe it?  It is 2013?  Wow!  This has been a busy year.  I know, I know.  It’s been a while since I last posted.  I am sure all 8 of my readers have wondered where I went.  Well, to be honest I got distracted with travelling, wine making, gardening and crocheting. 

I know, that’s pretty busy, right?

All that fun didn’t mean I wasn’t reading.  It was just having too much fun with the other stuff to be writing.   My journal is chocked full of writing.  I just didn’t get it on the blog.  That was wrong of me. It’s not that I have a ton of readers but I love to write.  I want to share my thoughts with whoever is reading my writing.  The other problem is I am in a rut.  I have been reading the same nine or ten writers for a while now and while I am enjoying the books it isn’t enough to write about. delusionindeath

Recently, as I was travelling to North Carolina for Christmas,  I read J.D. Robb’s “Delusion in Death”.  It was a fun fast paced read.  Someone was murdered in a seemingly impossible way but Eve Dallas along with her crew, especially Roarke, solved the crime in less than 72 hours. 

I also read Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new Dark Hunter offering, “Time Untime”.  Again it was a fun read.  Lot’s of “End of the World” excitement but it wasn’t new.  Artemis’ Dark Hunter finds the love of his life,timeuntime they save the universe and                                           she immediately gets pregnant and they live happily ever after.  Now I love happy endings and I love my series books but I cannot tell a lie, they start getting old and I worry that you, my readers, are getting bored with my one note scribing.

So I have decided to change things up a bit.  First, I am going to post twice a month.  I know, all the “Build your Blog Websites” say “Post baby Post.”  My plan is to give you a consistent blog to visit rather that 20 posts in a month and then nothing for 3 months. One post is going to be an author I have never read before.  The other post will be a run down of my usual faves with shorter reviews.  If a book comes along my way that is just beyond fantastic I will add a review then. 

Another change I am making is the launching of  Here you will find a collection of my writing about…well…everything.  Here you will find my blog which is a wine pairing group.  I will shortly be adding my notes and thoughts on living a more creative life.  Sure that sounds kind of hokey but I have found out in the last few years I like growing things, cooking them up and sharing them with friends.  I also love making things from jewelry to afghans to wine.  I am creating a place I can keep track of it all and I thought it would be fun to invite you into my crazy world of being Mame.

Welcome to the new and improved Besotted Bookworm.  I wish everyone a wonderful, successful and most of all happy 2013!