Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting My Fiction Fix Part I

The US economy is in turmoil. We’re still at war. My truck needs an oil change. My cat, Larry, is missing and I need a fiction fix bad but gas prices, grocery bills, and even my favorite book seller prices have all risen. What do I do to escape?
Thank God for the Library. Living in Palm Beach County Florida
I am very lucky because we have an excellent library system.

No matter where in the County I live I am only 15 minutes from a fiction fix. I consider the Library to be my one stop shop book paradise. The best thing about the Library is it’s FREE! I can get hard back, soft back, large print and audio books, as well as, music cd’s and movies on dvd. I can peruse current magazines and newspapers in the reading lounge. The library provides high speed internet access for me too. When I can’t get there, I can log onto their website to renew my books, or reserve books I want, download an audio book, (I love to listen at work), or download an e-book. For Free!

When life gets me down I retreat to my library. I take a deep breath when I walk in and the scent of the books gets my endorphins singing and my blood pressure lowering. While the library isn’t a completely silent place there is a sense of hushed understanding for quiet and respect for the other visitors like at a church or museum. I love walking through the stacks checking out titles, touching covers, admiring book cover artwork, and feeling the weight of my next read in my hand. Oh! And did I mention it’s FREE!
(Disclaimer: There is no cost for books as long as materials are returned on time. There is a .10 cent daily fine for overdue items, which is still better than buying in these financially stressed times for this besotted bookworm.)

Besides checking out reading materials, the Library also offers a variety of other activities. I can join a book club, or take a class in glass painting, computers and the internet. My husband and I can have an evening out at the movies with showings of the classics. Did I mention I can do any or all of these activities for FREE?!
Do something good for yourself and your wallet this week,
visit your neighborhood library!

Check here to see what is going on this month at the main branch of the Palm Beach County Library.

P.S. for those who were worried too, Larry has been found! He was hiding behind the bookshelf in the guest bedroom and we accidently closed the door on him. Maybe he likes to read too!

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