Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stella Cameron keeps it steamy on the bayou with Cypress Nights

Well dang! It isn’t only the temperature rising on the bayou. In Stella Cameron’s latest offering in her bayou series, Cypress Nights, the sensual heat is burning hot. St. Cecil’s needs a new school and Bleu Labaeu has come to town to do the fund raising for the building. Max Savage’s, (A Marked Man), twin brother Roche has moved to Toussaint to take up his psychiatric practice there. Both Bleu and Roche have personal secrets that keep people and love at arm’s length but the chemistry between them will change all that. Roche is determined to control his nature while Bleu commits to overcoming her fears and let this amazing man into her heart and body.

On the night when a devout parishioner planned to make a major surprise announcement to benefit the new school project he is brutally murdered inside the church while saying his evening prayers. Some say the murderer was his southern belle companion and others say it was a serial killer sending a message to not continue with the school. When the killer focuses on Bleu, Roche takes the school project and the killer to heart and Roche decides to get the girl he will have to solve the crime.

There was enough suspense in this story to keep me turning pages and enough erotic romance to keep me dreaming some very interesting dreams. How does someone really do it while standing on their head?


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