Sunday, February 15, 2009

This has been a hard review to write because Iris Johansen is, in my opinion, one of the most consistent authors out there. From her historical romances to her Eve Duncan series she has always produced a clean, well written novel with plenty of adventure or suspense. I never fail to pickup a new Johansen and I have never been disappointed… until now. It wasn’t that “Dark Summer” was not well written. It wasn’t that it didn’t have a plot. It wasn’t missing a hunky guy and sexy woman who fall in love amidst a crisis situation. The problem was I didn’t care. I was bored. All the elements were present but I don’t think Iris was. I don’t think she really cared about this story and I think it is because she is dipping into a genre she isn’t comfortable with, Paranormal Romance/Thriller.

The story is a very loosely related spinoff of the Eve Duncan series. Devon Brady is a vet who volunteers searching disaster sites with her canine partner Gracie. While working a disaster site mystery man, Jude Marrock, leaves his wounded dog to her for treatment. While working an abandoned part of the disaster site Marrok and his dog, Ned, were shot at by a sniper. Ned was hit. The first hint that things are not as they seem is Ned’s unusual understanding of what it going on around him and his amazing healing ability. At first I thought maybe Jude and Ned were lycan and then maybe they had a telepathic connection but I got bored so quickly I didn’t try to hard to figure it all out. Before Devon can ask any questions Jude disappears leaving the dog in her care. At this point I would normally continue the synopsis but to be honest I don’t care enough to do that. Suffice it to say Ned has been enhanced, along with 3 other dogs. The bad guy of the story is of course a very powerful wealthy mad scientist kind of guy who will stop at nothing to discover what it is that makes the animals special so he can take over the world. Devon and Brady are attracted to each other and end up together. Who cares? I didn’t and I don’t think Iris Johansen did either.


naida said...

sorry you didnt enjoy this one.
btu I think even our fav authors are allowed to flop every once in a while.
thanks for the honest review!

Mame Burkett said...

I agree with you! I will still not hesitate to pick up another Johansen. Her track record is too good to just drop her off my TBR list.