Saturday, October 17, 2009

I was enchanted by Tanya Huff's newest offering

Wow! What fun! Tanya Huff brings humor, magic, mystery and a little romance to the sales counter in her newest book, "The Enchanted Emporium."

The story takes place in Canada and features an extraordinary family, the Gales. The Gale girls are fascinating and magical but fall short of calling themselves witches. I guess with a last name like Gale it would be a little weird to be a witch but be careful when eating anything baked by one of them.  When a Gale girl reaches a certain age she either finds a man, settles down and begins the next generation or she becomes an "Auntie". The men in the Gale family are mysterious and magical too. Not quite human and when they go into "rutt" ladies watch out.

"The Enchanted Emporium" features Allie Gale. She is a young Gale girl just coming into her own and at loose ends both professionally and personally when she receives a letter from her Granny. The letter starts off with the not unusual "If you are reading this I am dead" opening and goes on to leave Allie all of granny's possessions including her emporium in Calgary.  Granny is a sly and tricky Gale.  While most of the family accepts her demise Allie just can't believe granny is really dead and takes over the emporium with the intention of discovering what happened to her. 

The emporium is home to more than chatzkis and yo-yo's.  It is a place of magical artifacts like a monkey's paw and a magic mirror.  It is also the post office for a variety of magical creatures.  As Allie settles into the shop and begins her search for her granny she finds herself in the middle of a coming battle between the "Under Realm" and a sorcerer.  Then the fun really gets going.  Assasins, dragons, sexy guys and a leprechaun all come together to make "The Enchanted Emporium" a fast-paced, delight-filled read.  

This is Tanya Huff at her urban-fantasy best!

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