Saturday, October 17, 2009

Knock Out by Catherine Coulter was anything but!

I was really disappointed with Ms. Coulter's last FBI series offering, "Tailspin." So much so that I stood at the bookshelf and really thought about picking up the next in the series, "Knock Out." I am sorry I made the decision to pick it up. I was pulling for Ms. Coulter, Dillon and Sherlock, I really was. Dang it! This story is so implausible, disconnected and unbelievable I am actually annoyed.
It seems as if I may be in the minority of opinions but I don't care. This story stunk! I know Ms. Coulter is a great writer. As I have said before I have read all of her books. I can no longer read anymore.

Dillon is in the bank when it is held up. Of course he is integral to saving the day. Three of the bad guys are killed and one who has been shot gets away in the getaway car. The one who got a way is a psychotic teenage girl and the driver of the getaway car is her boyfriend. Instead of running off and hiding she demands they hunt down a bank security guard and Dillon and kill them for killing her mom. Meanwhile Dillon has a telepathic conversation with a seven year old girl who is being persued by her evil paranormally gifted family.
The stories are completely separate and have nothing to do with the other. The characters, except for Dillon and Sherlock are less than one dimensional.
The teenage bank robbers are so inept and predictable except for the fact that they can sneak up on trained law enforcement officers and kill most of them like they are ninjas.
The guys chasing the little girl are a crazy family with one son who can hypnotize a person with a glance and the other one is a shape shifter while dad can influence slot machines....whatever! Of course Dillon is immune to the evil machinations because he is Superman, oh wait maybe not since he does get shot by the teenage Bonnie Parker.
The story ends with the predictable ending and the world is once more safe for children and families everywhere...blah, blah, blah..
Unfortunately, I have to accept that Ms. Coulter has lost something with this series and I will not be reading anymore in the future. Hopefully, she has something truly new on the horizon, I will wait for it.

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