Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris felt kind of Dead

Let me start off by saying I love Sookie.  I have read every installment and you, my reader, have seen several posts praising Ms. Harris’s humour, characters, and plots.  She really is awesome.  I have enjoyed her Aurora Teagarten series, and the Lily Bard series. So I say with sadness goodbye to my favorite waitress, Sookie Stackhouse and Bon Temp LA.

I have read on several book blogs and news feeds that Ms. Harris is bringing the Southern Vampire Series to a close.  That is fine but please end on a high note.  Do not let such a fun and really iconic series end with a rehash of all that has gone before.  I would rather you just leave the residents of Bon Temp in permanent frozen mid-shift or bite than to have a wimpy ending. 

 Dead Reckoning was forgettable and that is regrettable.  Nothing happens.  Not even really good sex with Eric Northman.  There were confrontations with enemies and Sookie running to hide out at Bill’s and of course he is naked when she gets there.  Been there done that. Of course, there is a bad vampire trying to take over and needs killing but the best you could come up is slaughter at an Elvis concert.  It really left me flat.

Sookie doesn’t have to end up with anyone.  She breaks the blood bond so she can know with certainty that Eric loves her for her then Eric suddenly confesses to having a fiance all this time, huh?  When the blood bond comes to an end then Bill, Alcide, and Sam all show up wanting her. Alcide is literally waiting for her naked in bed! Bill confesses he is still in love with her.  Sam just makes implied comments that he would still have her.   Sookie doesn’t just have telepathy she has paranormal attractiveness.  I get she has fairy blood but come on!

Speaking of fairies, you shock us halfway in the series with the introduction of Fairies and Sookie and Jason’s familial connection with them then you want us to believe her grandfather has been watching over them through Eric and Mr. Cataliades?  Nope, doesn’t work.  It is so glaring that, I, who suffer from Can’t Remember S#$@T knew that wasn’t right.  It is so cleat that Eric and the paranormals were shocked way back in book 3 or 4 that Sookie was part fairy.  I think that might have even been the book where Eric lost his memory so he couldn’t have known.

So I say goodbye Sookie, Eric, Bill, Sam, Tara, Amelia, Pam and the rest of the gang.  I want to remember the way you were not how you ended.

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