Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lyndsay Sands and Carly Phillips go awry

I am annoyed.  I want to enjoy Lyndsay Sands and Carly Phillips, really I do, but just as I am starting to get into the story I am jarred out of the moment with the constant use of the word "wryly".....ugh!  If I had the time and desire to go back and count how many times that word was used by each author it would number into the hundreds!   I am sorry ladies but this is not acceptable.  You are both good writers with fun and interesting plots so why aren't you using your thesaurus.  I did and look, I found 9 options for "wry".  From they are:
askew, aslant, awry, contorted, crooked, cynical, deformed, droll, dry, ironic, mocking, sardonic, twisted, uneven, warped.                                                                                     If I looked up the synonyms for these words the list gets even longer.  I listened to Carly Phillip's "Heartbreaker" and I winced every time the narrator said, "wryly."  Come on Ms. Phillips not every smile is wry!  How about chagrined or delight, embarassment?  They are all great words!  I read "The Immortal Hunter" by Lyndsay Sands right after "Heartbreaker" and it was like salt in an open wound!   Vampires are not the most emotive of creatures ok, but I think of them as more often as stoic or sardonic than wry.  I would even go with secretive and sinister but wry would be on the bottom of my expressions list.  I would love to say these two books were the only instances of this travesty of language laziness but alas they are not.  This is the third Carly Phillips novel I have read/listened to and “wryly” is her most favorite expression in the English language.   I will let Ms. Sands a little leeway because I have read most of the Argeneau Series and this is the first time I have noticed the over use of that word.  I might have been over sensitive at that point since, as I said, I had just finished “Heartbreaker.”
In conclusion, I want you ladies to promise me in all future books you will strike the words “wry and wryly” from your vocabulary.  Get out your thesaurus and play with the rest of the english language….just sayin

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