Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The name is Green, Simon R. Green

The world is on the verge of disaster. We are being threatened from within and without. What to do!? What to do!? Well, take a pinch of Monty Python absurdity, add a dash of Monster, Inc and mix liberally with James Bond references and you have Shaman, Shaman Bond, aka, Edwin Drood. He is the new head of the Drood family. They are the secret protectors and rulers of earth. They have a secret power in the form of a golden torc that makes them the baddest, badass super heroes in the universe and I do mean the universe. With the help of a crazy cast of villains and good guys Shaman takes on the worst the universe and his family can dish out and always manages to save the day. Author Simon R. Green mixes Sci/Fi and fantasy with quick Bondian quips and creates a new espionage novel while keeping his tongue firmly in his cheek.
First Eddie is declared rogue and then, after discovering an ugly little secret the family has been hiding for the last millennia he feels obligated to take the reins and lead the family back to their original mission of protectors not dictators.
Molly the witch of the Wild Wood is Edwin’s magical girlfriend. She may not have a golden collar but she is one evil wench with a heart of platinum.
Uncle Jacob is the lingering phantom who can’t remember why he is still around.
Martha Drood is the Matriach of the Drood family and trust me with a grandma like her you won’t be a afraid of black widow spiders. Everything she does is all for the good of the family and the world, no matter how much it might hurt.
The Armorer, aka, Uncle Jack is a former field agent turned Q. There isn’t a weapon he doesn’t like or
Mr. Stab is a villain who you might think regretted his choices but at his heart is a psychopath.
Manifest Destiny is to the Droods that Chaos is to Maxwell Smart.
Strange Matter…you decide.
Simon R. Green is no stranger to the Sci/Fi, Fantasy genre. His Nightside series takes the classic potboiler and gives it an original modern and distinctly monstrous spin. There are 2 books in this new Torc series and they are well worth the read.

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