Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sophie Metropolis Do you buy or do you check out?

Stephanie Plum meet Sofie Metropolis. Sofie lives just up Hwy 95 in Astoria New York. While your family hails from Hungary and Italy Sofie’s family is pure Greek. Both of you live just down the road from your parents who have grandparents living with them. You are a bounty hunter for your cousin Vinnie. Sofie is an aspiring P.I. with her Uncle Spiros. Stephanie, you do have one up on the romantic connections over Sofie with Joe and Ranger. Ranger, yum! Sofie has a hot blooded Aussie mystery man named Jake Porter that is no slouch.
Ok, so Sofie is a total copy cat down to the crappy almost marriage to a cheating jerk and owning a gun that she really doesn’t like having. Sofie at least owns the apartment building she lives in while you are still stuck renting. Oh and Sofie didn’t wreck a vehicle even once during the whole book.
There is absolutely nothing original in “Sofie Metropolis” Ms. Torington has completely stolen like Milton Burl from Janet Evanovitch but I like the story anyway. Sofie had never seen a snarky remark she didn’t like. I loved the whole Vampire Romanoff part of the story and mistaking a cello case for a coffin, (it was dark in that basement). Also, Ms. Torington is a fresh perspective on the quirky modern girl trying to make her way in the world genre. I do have to say Grandma Mazur is still the funniest grandma in the world, sorry YaYa Metropolis.
While I don’t think I would spend money on this book, it is definitely worth checking out at the library. There are 2 more books in the series.

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