Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"The Keepsake" is worth Keeping up at night!

Aaahhhh Joy, another great detective novel from Tess Gerritsen! Jane Rizzoli tracks one of the creepiest serial killers I have read since Lisa Gardner's Mr. Dinhcara. Oh wait! Lisa Gardner's book was the last book I read. Woo hoo! Two great reads in a row.
A small private museum in Boston believes it has hit the archeological lottery when they discover a mummy in their basement storage. Horror and tragedy set in during a CT scan of the mummy and it is discovered the mummy isn’t as old as its wrappings and a bullet seems to be lodged in a leg bone. Dr. Maura Isles is there to take over and of course that means Detective Jane Rizzoli isn’t far behind. With clean, sharp writing the murky details of a killer emerge. Tess Gerritsen uses ancient preservation methods to create the training grounds for her newest serial killer. He preserves his victims the old fashioned way. He mummifies them. One victim is wrapped and preserved as a classic mummy. Another is dipped and simmered in a peat bog while a 3rd victim is turned into a shrunken head. There are twists and turns aplenty as Rizzoli and her partner Frost focus on a young Egyptologist only to find there are more recent historical events that motivate the “Archeology Killer”. I will warn you that the methods of preserving the dead are not pretty and I got a little green at some parts, especially the shrinking heads.
This is my seventh case with Detective Rizzoli and I have to say I think Tess Gerritsen has really done a great job keeping not only the story tense and readable but she has kept Rizzoli’s story fresh and interesting as well. She is definitely on my must read list.

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Booklogged said...

I can't believe I've never read one of Tess Gerritsen's books. One of these days, right?

Mame Burkett said...

She flies a bit under the radar but she is really good. Enjoy!