Monday, March 23, 2009

Technology can SUCK!

AAArrrgghhh! I am finally back and posting. My computer crashed 3 weeks ago and after spending a whole weekend rebuilding and reinstalling I was ready to start my review on Kalayna Price's Urban Fantasy "Once Bitten". Then my husband took a bad fall and fractured his left elbow, broke his right wrist and sprained his right ankle. For all of you out there married for longer than the honeymoon know there is NOTHING romantic about a husband in pain and embaressed over being clumsy. Finally, he is feeling well enough he is getting out of bed without my assistance and feeding himself without using a straw, (no hands, mom). So I pulled out my handy dandy computer to start blogging again last weekend and the freaking computer CRASHED again! I am now beginning to wonder if I haven't entered the twilight zone. I just got my machine backup and working and I am taking this moment to vent and kavetch over the orneriness of technology and my shock at how dependent I am on it. I could never survive a deserted island that didn't have wi-fi available. Stay tuned I will have my newest review
posted in the next day or so!

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