Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Great Day in Books!

Life has been pretty whacked this week so when my girlfriend
Debbie called last night and asked if I wanted to get together today I jumped at the invitation.
We met at the Books A Million Store, our favorite gab and grab spot, and browsed, talked, kavetched, and took advantage of an amazing booksale going on! I bought my first Patricia Briggs books, (at 30% off!), "Moon Called", "Cry Wolf", and Iron Kissed." I can't wait to get to them!

The other really cool thing that happened today was an email I received. Yesterday, I sent an email to Tess Gerritsen letting her know I had written a review on "The Keepsake" and I would love it if she checked it out. Guess what? She did! Woo! Hoo! How cool is that! She said she enjoyed the review and she appreciated my kind words. I am totally wowed that a busy successful author would read my review let alone respond to my email. I LOVE blogging! I love getting to talk to so many fellow readers and share the love.

Have a great Sunday!


naida said...

I love going to booksales, enjoy your new reads :)

And very cool about Tess Gerritsen!!

Mame Burkett said...

Thanks Naida!
Books A Million is great for booksales. I can always find a few gems.
Have a great week.
Mame said...

Hi Mame,
Franye recommended I talk to you regarding your blog. Can you send me your email address?
Thank you,